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Photography Permits

The best time to take photos of the temple and grounds is in the morning when the sun is still in the east. In the afternoon the sun is behind the mountains and the colors of the area are not as striking.

The Byodo-In Temple, its grounds, and Valley of the Temples Memorial Park are privately owned property and professional and commercial photography on the premises requires requesting a scheduled time and purchase of a photography permit.

Download Our Photography Reservation Form.

A reservation is required regardless of Professional or Amateur photo shooting with pro-level equipment. No aerial photography (drone) is allowed.

Fee Schedule as of 9/06/19:

Group Rate Special group admission fees are available for 10 or more people. Must be booked in advance.   $4.00 per person

Basic Photography Includes all personal and group photoshoots (i.e. – graduation, family portraits, coordinated attire, etc.). Not to be used for commercial purposes.   $100.00

Wedding/Engagement Photography Includes all coordinated photography for wedding, wedding parties and engagements.    $200.00

Commercial Photography Includes all photography or videography that may be used for commercial purposes.   $450.00  & up

Ceremonial Includes use of Byodo-In Temple or surrounding area for wedding ceremony; photoshoot (photographer not included); vow renewal, special events, etc. Also includes up to 10 adult admissions onto property; $2 for each additional guest. Estimated guest count is due at least 2 weeks prior to event.   $600 1 hour / $1,000 hours

Special Event This fee is for companies, vendors and/or guests that would like to utilize the Byodo-In Temple or surrounding area and/or Valley of the Temples Memorial Park for commercial TV programs, movies, etc. All special events of this caliber must be approved prior to entrance onto location.   $6,000.00  & up

Note: Prices do not include 4.712% GE tax.

Please contact the Event Coordinator (800) 239-9844 or via our contact form for scheduling and additional information.